Timeline Controls

Choose what goes on your Timeline, and the audience for your posts.

Approve what goes on your timeline

You can decide if the posts you're tagged in appear on your timeline. To review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline, go to the “Timeline and Tagging” section of your privacy settings. Posts you choose not to include on your timeline may still appear elsewhere on Facebook. Learn more about tagging.

Changed your mind? No problem

Have you ever shared something with all your friends, then later wished you could limit who could see it? Now you can go back and change the audience for something after you post it.

Choose who to share with

Privacy controls are right next to things you share, so it’s clear who sees your stuff. You can pick and choose who sees what — like share your hometown with friends, but only let family see your phone number.
Know what others see on your timeline
Use the View As… tool to see what people see when they look at your profile. The Activity Log lets you review and manage the things you've shared since you've joined Facebook.
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