How Sharing Works

Want to manage who sees your posts or photos? Learn more about choosing an audience, using tags and adding location to posts and photos on Facebook.

Anyone around want to join us for dinner? — with Emily McLuhan at Union Square, San Francisco.
San Francisco

Tag who you’re with

Click this button to add tags of people you’re with. Adding a tag instantly creates a link to the person's timeline and may share your post with their friends. Learn more about tagging.

Say where you are

You can easily share what city or neighborhood you're in with every post you make, or share a particular place, like a park or cafe. Learn more about location.

Manage privacy right where you post

You can choose the audience for your status updates, photos and timeline info using the inline audience selector — when you share or afterwards.
Share with just a few people
Have something you only want to share with a few friends? Send a message, or create a group to connect with your family, sports team, movie club or fellow photo buffs.
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