About Page Insights

Since Page are public spaces, your engagement with Pages is also public. We provide Page Insights to Page managers about people's activity on their Page.

Page Insights Privacy

  • Page managers never have access to an individual's non-public personal data in Page Insights.
  • Page Insights gives Page managers a number of aggregate metrics, including the number of people who like their Page, how many people see a post and how many people clicked the post.
  • These metrics are created by logging and aggregating people's activities related to the Page. The kind of activities logged include seeing a post from a Page, clicking a post or liking or commenting on the post.
  • Facebook's data retention policies require that the information collected for Page Insights is kept by Facebook, not Page managers. The Data Use Policy also restricts how the logs are used.
  • We take a number of measures to make sure that these aggregated metrics remain non-identifiable. For example, demographics insights are only provided once a required number of people are part of that demographic. Page Insights are also only available to Pages once a minimum number of people like the Page.
  • Facebook doesn't use any data for Page Insights from people who don't have a Facebook account or who are logged out.

To learn more about how Facebook collects and uses information for Page Insights:

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