Location Basics

Sharing your location lets you tell family and friends where you are as you’re posting:
  1. Tell people you’re at a specific place

    To include a specific location when you post, like a restaurant or park, click the icon and type in the name of the place or event. To say you’re there with others, click the icon and add their names. You can control who sees this post by choosing an audience before you publish it. If you tag anyone with you, that person and their friends may see the post, including where you are.

  2. Include your general location

    Instead of a specific place, you can choose to include the city or area you’re nearby. This info will appear next to the timestamp of your post. If you have location added to your posts, we’ll suggest a general location like the city you’re near. To change the location: 1. Hover over the city name. 2. Click the x next to the city name. 3. Type in a new city (or leave blank if you don’t want to mention a city in this post).

    This setting will continue to stay ‘On’ until you click on your location at the bottom of the sharing tool and then click the x.

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We suggest a general location for your post. If our suggestion isn’t accurate or you don’t want to include it, hover over the location and click x. You can then select a new location or finish your post without selecting a location. You can also fill in your current city yourself.

To change your location after you've posted a status update, go to the post on your Timeline and click > Change Location.

Learn how to change or remove your location from mobile posts.

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