How do I control who can see my Page's posts?

There are two ways to control who can see your Page's posts:

  • Limit your post's audience so only certain people can see it
  • Add News Feed targeting to optimize your post's reach

To limit or target your posts, make sure you've turned on post privacy and News Feed targeting for your Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Post Targeting and Privacy
  3. Click to check the box next to Turn on privacy and News Feed targeting so I can control the privacy of new Page posts
  4. Click Save Changes
Limit Your Post's Audience

When you limit your post's audience, you can choose who can see your post based on their location or language. For example, if you limit the language of your post's audience to Spanish, only people who have Spanish set as their language on Facebook will be eligible to see your post on your Page, in News Feed and in search.

To limit your post's audience:

  1. Click Public before publishing your post
  2. Select Location / Language
  3. Type the locations or languages of the people you want to see your post and click Save Post Settings

Keep in mind that even if people share your Page's post with their friends, only friends in the audience you choose for the post will be able to see it.

Target Your Posts

You can add targeting to your Page posts so that only the most relevant people will see them in their News Feeds. Unlike limiting your post's audience, adding News Feed targeting does not affect who can see the post on your Page.

To add targeting:

  1. Clickbefore publishing your post
  2. Click Add Targeting and select one or more filters (ex: Gender, Relationship Status)
  3. Click the options on the right to adjust the filter

As you add filters, the number of people your post is targeted to will update next to Targeted to. The more filters you add, the fewer people you'll target. The minimum number of people you can target your post to is 20.

Let us know what you think about Page post targeting.

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