Updates to News Feed

You can adjust what you see in your News Feed by sorting which stories you see first, by using friend lists, and by managing which friends, Pages and app stories you want to see.

Sort stories

Click next to News Feed in the top-left corner of your feed to choose which stories you see first.

Select Top Stories to see the stories at the top of your Feed, or select Most Recent to see stories in the order they were posted.

Keep stories from appearing

To keep stories from people, Pages or groups from appearing in your News Feed, click in the top right of a story. You'll see the option to Unfollow the person, Page or group. You can also click I don't want to see this and give us feedback or take more action, like asking the person who posted the story to take it down, or reporting the story to Facebook if it doesn’t follow our Community Standards.

Filter by friend lists

Click one of your friend lists on the left side of your homepage to see stories just from the people on that list.

Manage updates from your friends

To adjust the updates you see from friends, you can choose to Follow or Unfollow them. Visit a friend's Timeline and click the Following button to the right of their profile picture to Unfollow.

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From your home page:

  1. Hover over the News Feed bookmark in the left column
  2. Click the icon that appears to the left and select Edit Settings
  3. Click X next to the name of the friend, Page, group, event or app whose stories you want to unhide
  4. Click Save

Removing someone or something from your list of hidden stories means those stories can appear in your News Feed again.

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