Report a Deceased Person

Memorializing the account:

We will memorialize the Facebook account of a deceased person when we receive a valid request. We try to prevent references to memorialized accounts from appearing on Facebook in ways that may be upsetting to the person's friends and family, and we also take measures to protect the privacy of the deceased person by securing the account.

Please keep in mind that we cannot provide login information for a memorialized account. It is always a violation of our policies to log into another person's account.

To report a profile to be memorialized, please contact us.

Removing the account:

Verified immediate family members may request the removal of a loved one’s account from Facebook.

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Here are some of the key features of memorialized accounts:

  • Facebook does not allow anyone to log into a memorialized account.
  • Memorialized accounts cannot be modified in any way. This includes adding or removing friends, modifying photos or deleting any pre-existing content posted by the person.
  • Depending on the privacy settings of the deceased person's account, friends can share memories on the memorialized Timeline.
  • Anyone can send private messages to the deceased person.
  • Content the deceased person shared (ex: photos, posts) remains on Facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with.
  • Memorialized Timelines don't appear in public spaces such as in suggestions for People You May Know or birthday reminders.
  • Groups solely belonging to a memorialized account will be able to select new admins, while Pages will be removed from Facebook.

Please keep in mind that creating a Timeline in remembrance of an already deceased person is not allowed. We encourage you to create a Page or a group for this purpose instead.

Learn how to request the memorialization of a deceased person's account.

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If a friend or contact has passed away, you or their family can memorialize their Facebook account. Learn more about account memorialization or contact us to request the memorialization of this person's account.

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When someone with a Facebook account passes away, we memorialize their account to help maintain their privacy. If you believe we have mistakenly memorialized your account, please let us know.

Please keep in mind that it's a violation of our terms to log into or modify another person's account for any reason. We will only be able to grant you access to this account if we are able to verify that you're the account owner.

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