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Liking Things on Facebook

Clicking Like below a post on Facebook is an easy way to let people know that you enjoy it without leaving a comment. Just like a comment, the fact that you liked the post is visible below it.

For example, if you click Like below a friend's video:

  • People who can see the video will be able to see that you liked it
  • A story will be posted on your Timeline that you liked your friend's video
  • The person who posted the video will get a notification that you liked it
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When you click Like on a Facebook Page, in an advertisement, or on content off of Facebook, you are making a connection. A story about your like will appear on your Timeline and may also appear in your News Feed. You may be displayed on the Page you connected to, in advertisements about that Page or in social plugins next to the content you like.

You may see updates to in your feeds and the feeds of your friends from Pages you like. You may also receive messages. Your connection to the page may also be shared with apps on the Facebook Platform.

You can also unlike a Page or piece of content.

Learn more about the Like button.

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You can unlike a photo, post, comment or Page on Facebook.
  • To unlike a piece of content that you or a friend has posted, just click the Unlike link that appears beneath the content itself.
  • To unlike a Page (which will also remove it from your profile and Timeline), go directly to the Page, click below the Page's cover and select Unlike.
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Liking a Page means you're connecting to that Page. Liking a post from a friend means you're letting that friend know you like their post without leaving a comment.

When you connect to a Page, you'll start to see stories from that Page in your News Feed. The Page will also appear on your profile, and you'll appear on the Page as a person who likes that Page.

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When you click Like on an ad, you're making a connection with the business, brand or product in that ad. For example, if a brand's Facebook Page is being advertised in the ad and you like it, you're making a connection to that Page.

This like will be displayed on your profile, and your friends may see a story about it in News Feed. You might also start seeing updates from the Page you liked in your News Feed.

You can unlike most content immediately, manage your connections on your profile and restrict who you share your connections with in your privacy settings.

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With Facebook ads for Pages, events and apps, you may see stories about actions your friends have taken on Facebook attached to ads you see. For example, you might see a story about a friend who already likes a Page that you're seeing advertised. Similarly, your friends might see stories about you that relate to the ads they're seeing. Such stories will only be shown to friends, and will adhere to any privacy settings you've set for your account.

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