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HERO ALERT! You may have heard the early part of this story via the North Central Shelter Intervention Program, our sister page. Charlie, pictured here with her family, bravely scared off intruders last Saturday night, and sadly was shot twice protecting her family. Her front right leg and her back right leg were injured.

After the police were called to the scene, Animal Control arrived to help b...ecause Charlie's family did not have the funds to get her the vet care she needed, and it was an emergency situation. Animal Control brought Charlie to North Central Shelter where the vet tech on duty, after tending to Charlie the best the shelter could, reached out to the Intervention program to see if it could help get Charlie the medical attention the shelter couldn't provide and reunite her with her family.

Well, thanks to our fabulous North Central community, along with Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, who shared Charlie's story, more than $7000 was raised to get Charlie the surgery she needed (sadly, her front leg could not be saved, but we know she'll do great as a tripod!)

We visited Charlie and her family yesterday to take some photos and were thrilled that she is doing so well at home. She is being well taken care of and is very much loved. And she is already finessing walking around on three legs! Her family was overwhelmed with gratitude for all who cared and chipped in to save Charlie. Soon Charlie will get to start playing with her canine siblings again. We learned when we visited her that one of her sibling dogs tried to push Charlie back to the family home after she was shot since Charlie had chased the intruders into the street!

Please 'Like' the North Central Shelter Intervention page to learn of more of the great work they are doing, and, if you can, please make a donation via the youcaring link set up for Charlie.( All funds raised that exceed the cost of Charlie's medical care go to the Intervention Program to help future animals and families in need so that fewer pets land in the shelter. You can also donate directly to the intervention program via Paypal to

We are so happy to see Charlie smiling with her family and grateful to the Intervention team for making this happen!
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