Is North Platte Out of the Running?

January 8, 2011 at 7:35am

This was posted on North Platte's "We Hear You America" page this morning:


 I live near GOLD BEACH, Oregon, 97444, & am asking for your CHEERS to get this town's small population of UNDER 2,000 from 8th place up to 4th place. We need more CHEERS, so I'm asking those cities way out of the running to CHEER for this tiny town that has made it up to 8th place! PLEASE help us get $$$ for Hospice that helps dying patients & their families get through such a difficult time. Curry County Hospice is trying to make it on their own & needs the funds to exist. The local animal shelter would also get some $$$ benefits. Your help in CHEERing for GOLD BEACH is deeply appreciated. Thank you. Marihelen Pitts-Campbell


Despite all of our efforts, we have been unable to rally North Platte's 23,000 + population to mount a successful voting campaign. Is it time to throw our support behind other towns? Genoa Nebraska has been making a concerted effort to succeed, and are raising money for a new pool, a worthy cause for a small town.


Those of you who have been faithful in voting every day, you have my greatest appreciation. If you haven't been voting regularly, you can still start. If we see a surge in votes, maybe we can continue in our efforts.