September 10, 2009 at 3:29am

Commissioner Dimas:

I can assure you that the EU is fully committed to the protection of whales and there is strict legislation in place which ensures the highest level of protection.

On 2 March 2009 the EU environmental Ministers adopted a council Decision based on a proposal by the commission establishing the EU position to be adpapted at the IWC!

The decision has the overarching objective to ensure an effective international regulatory framework that guarantees a significant improvement in the conservation status of whales in the long term and that brings all whaling operations under IWC control. In this context the moratorium on commercial whaling will be an important tool! The EUROPEAN COMMISSION supports the current process at the IWC to break the deadlock but without comprimising conservation of whales! Any related proposal will be examinded in the light of the Counsil Decission.

The COMMISSION endeavours to consult the entire range of stakeholders in its decision making process insofar as its resources allow. In Addition to its formal consultations with stakeholders prior to or during the IWC meetings, the Commission takes account of written material received and any information or opinions derived from informal contacts with stakeholders of all views.

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