Why Nursing at Dominican?

November 10, 2009 at 11:32am

Marvin, Class of 2012: Nursing Major from Fremont, CA

What is greatness? It’s me. I’m just kidding!

My name is Marvin Fojas and I am originally from Fremont, Ca. I am a second year nursing major, working super hard to get into clinicals next semester. I chose to go to Dominican University of California because of the small classes, the beautiful environment, and the benefits of taking nursing here as opposed to a lot of other schools I applied to and got in.

At Dominican University, I am enjoying the nursing program, don’t get me wrong, it is a hard and time consuming major, but with everything that Dominican has, I’m pulling through and enjoying life. I chose DU because they offer a 4 year BSN program, with a high percentage rate of students who get jobs after they graduate. The teachers here are also very helpful when it comes to assignments and exams, and they know me by full name and many even know me personally. My original goal was to be a business major so that I could opens up my own restaurant, but in order to please my parents I had to find out a way for me to take nursing, and still succeed in my goal. So as of now, I am taking nursing so that I can travel the world, work with people, and save up money so that it gives me stepping stones into saving up enough and researching enough to open the perfect restaurant. I am still trying to figure out what focus I will have as a nurse, but as of now I am looking into the Neonatal Deptartment and working with infants and helping with delivery. Overall I love it here, and as I am approaching to my 4th semester, I am working on getting into clinicals, definitely the most stressful period so far in school, but I am doing well.

If you’re looking into going to a small and intimate school, where you can focus and know that you want to get into your career quickly and successfully, Dominican is the school for you. I enjoy all aspects of college here such as great friends, great education, strong support system, parties, social events, and the list goes on. I feel that this school is preparing me well enough for the real world and more importantly preparing me for my future job as a nurse. I really love my school, and I have even noticed that when I'm outside of work or school, I am always talking about how much I love what this school is offering me, I feel like I am on top of my game here.