Rifle Sport

May 19, 2010 at 2:24pm

Sheila Hatler: "What was the rifle sport in the photo on the left?"


Barb Economon: "Rifle Sport was a game arcade - old school pinball, back in the late 70s, anyway. In the early 80s it was an art gallery run by Bill Taylor. The city bought them out when they decided to raze Block E."


Gerard-Jean Boissy: "My old band Rifle Sport took the name from the arcade in 1981. Our bassist still has the old metal sign from the building. In 1985, the "art" gallery started in the old space and they started using the name Rifle Sport, though we had used it for 4 years and had released three records under the name. I asked them to change it and they refused. The original Rifle Sport was indeed an indoor shooting gallery. Not sure if the same sort of shooting up was involved in the gallery..."