Building Collaborative Creative Suite Extensions with the CS SDK, Flex, LCDS, and ColdFusion

February 20, 2011 at 7:54pm

As a demo for my upcoming talk for a technology conference in Scotland, I wrote a cool panel for Photoshop written in Flex with the Adobe Creative Suite SDK. Integrating with LiveCycle DataServices (LCDS) and a ColdFusion backend, the extension is usable as a custom panel in Photoshop and it allows a Photoshop editor to simultaneously and synchronously collaborate in a workflow with other users editing the same photos thru a web page. An example usage would be a photographer shooting wirelessly tethered to Lightroom  while a photo editor retouches the images, a web user enters headlines, captions, and keywords, and a copy writer creates written articles featuring the images for immediate publication. All users working on the same images, at same time.


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