Coyote's Corner - KC BLUES NEWS - Feb 2011

February 3, 2011 at 9:28am

            Alright, a new year is underway.  The Kansas City Blues Society has several new board members including a new president, and from what I have been hearing a whole new attitude.  How about you?  Looking for something different?  Everyone says there is so much great talent here in KC as far as Blues is concerned.  Hopefully more of that great talent will get a chance to shine in the coming weeks and months ahead.  I have been seeing more people getting out and supporting different acts and trying new locales occasionally as well.  It’s great!  Keep it up!  I will continue to write articles and hopefully get some people out to see some of these acts. 

            Speaking of new directions, new attitudes et al… I notice there is still a moratorium on the performance of the Sir Mack Rice/Wilson Pickett tour de force “Mustang Sally” at a number of open jams and/or venues in town.  I am no fan of this song whatsoever.  Years ago in Chicago, I was in a band that prided itself on the fact that we did NOT play this tune ever, despite the song’s popular sing-along appeal.   That was the late 1990’s, oh so long ago.  Wait!  I am not about to suggest people start blowing the dust off this little ditty, but it almost seems that the “No Mustang Sally” campaign is a bit passé.  Like “Disco Sucks” bumper stickers; yeah, we know that already.  It kind of goes without saying, so reminding us of that fact is a bit redundant.  Besides, I have a laundry list of tunes I am willing to bury in a shallow grave next to the railroad tracks that block the entrance to Knuckleheads Saloon.  Some of said numbers are seminal Blues classics that everyone is obliged to recognize.  But jeez, folks, they just been done to death.  I can’t seem to go to an open jam anywhere in this town and NOT hear “Stormy Monday”.  Similarly, about a year ago I remember listening to the Band Auction on KKFI and I swear 90 percent of the bands up for auctioned performed Clapton’s “Before You Accuse Me”.  Also (and I admit I am guilty of this one) how often does a bar patron ask a band if they know any Stevie Ray Vaughan only to have the band bust out the perpetual crowd pleaser “Pride And Joy”?  I do that one all the time.  There are others, and I am sure you have a few you’d like to add to the list as well.  I wanna hear it! Lay it on me. My email address is  Oh and by the way, I am being facetious, so if you want to send me hate e-mail go ahead, but lighten up, you’ll live longer.

            Since we are celebrating change and doing something different, check out Kyle Elliott and Voodoo Soul.  They are a young, high energy Blues band that have been making some waves on the KC scene the last year or so.  KE and Voodoo Soul play a show that is, in his own words, “100 percent Blues, with a touch of Soul, a spice of Funk and a flavoring of Rock”.  The band plays a mix of originals (which are pretty impressive) and covers, many videos of which can be seen on Youtube.  This band is not to be confused with WOO Soul, which is the same band members, but a different band. Or is it?  I dunno. Sometimes Voodoo Soul and Woo Soul share the same bill, which makes the changeover pretty easy since it’s the same guys.  KE and Voodoo Soul play regularly at the Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, but lately they have been branching out and taking their brand of Blues to some venues that are a bit non-traditional Blues haunts.  They have played the Clarette Club in Mission, Intentions in Overland Park, The Avalon Ultralounge in North Kansas City, Skeeters in Misson, and coming up Feb 19 the band will be at Barley’s Brewhouse in Overland Park.  So any Blues fans (or musicians even) looking for something new, look into Kyle Elliott and Voodoo Soul and see what they are up to.

That’s all for this month, keep supporting the KC Blues scene. Things are looking up!