Georgina Rinehart flies to Cambodia to visit SISHA!

December 13, 2010 at 11:23pm

In a whirlwind trip to South East Asia, Gina Rinehart came to Cambodia to visit SISHA, spending the weekend of December 4th and 5th with SISHA staff and the Hope Scholarship girls.


SISHA was honored that Gina found the time in her busy schedule to come and see our work in a special visit to reinforce her commitment to the organization. As a key member of SISHA’s Expert Advisory Group, staff were delighted to meet Gina in Phnom Penh and discuss upcoming projects and strategies.


Having been integral to SISHA’s recent launch of the new Hope Scholarship Award Program, Gina dedicated her short time in Cambodia to meeting the exceptional young students that SISHA has selected to support through University.  Gina passed an action-filled day in Phnom Penh with the scholarship girls and SISHA staff, even finding the time to visit their homes located on the outskirts of Cambodia’s capital.


SISHA is ecstatic to have had the privilege of meeting Gina Rinehart in person and to have her involved in its work in Cambodia. Gina’s visit was inspiring for all involved.

Georgina Rinehart and Steve MorrishGeorgina Rinehart and Steve Morrish