This Week's Winner

June 17, 2011 at 2:46pm

 A hearty congratulations to “Team Jenny” member Michele Askren. This week’s prize closet award was earmarked for the person who secured a donation from a USA Olympic Team member. Ben Askren made a donation to the “Make it Happen” fund in Michele’s name. Ben is a 2008 U.S. Champion and a US Olympian in free style wrestling. In addition, Ben is a two-time NCAA Champion, a four-time All-American, a three-time Big XII Conference champion and is the current mixed martial arts Bellator Welterweight Champion. Ben joins our line-up of celebrities who have contributed including NFL star Chris McIntosh and a former US President! But all of our donors are Superstars! Thanks everyone!


For your planning purposes, next week’s award will be given to the person who secures a donation from the oldest person (chronological age.) So crank up the Victrola, dust off your hard- copy address book and get ready to write to letters and make calls to the Princess phones of  Gertrude, Beatrice, Netti, Myrtle, and the rotary phones of Eldon, Warren, Owen and Jedediah.  And for this age-challenge, we’ll gladly accept cash donations (Buffalo Head Nickels preferred) credit cards (Carte Blanche and Diners Cards included), S&H Green Stamps, war bonds, credits from the Montgomery and Ward catalog and even a Rambler sedan trade-in.


And for an extra fund raising twist this week, I’m thinking of challenging Ben Askren to a mano-a-mano, last-man-standing-no-tap-out cage match. Hey Ben, are you ready to rumble?


Congrats to Michele and let’s keep the momentum going forward as our fund raising total is now $17,395!