NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #7- Creating a Legend

September 14, 2011 at 9:59am

Hello everyone!

Erick Boenisch, Producer for NBA 2K12, back once again.  I’m here today to tell you about a new mode you’ll be playing in the game this year, “NBA: Creating A Legend”.  For this experience, you’ll be taking over the career of any player in the NBA and seeing it through to completion.  In structure and style, this mode resembles My Player in many ways.  If you haven’t got a chance to read my Insight on that mode yet, I recommend you go and give that a read.


The first thing you will do when starting the mode is selecting the player whose career you want to take over.  You can select any player in the league.  If you want to jump right in and dominate, the likes of Kobe, LeBron, and Wade are at your fingertips.  On the other hand, if you are looking for more of a challenge, you can start with a young talent such as a Dexter Pittman or a Daniel Orton and guide them to All-Star appearances, MVPs, and NBA championships. 


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In NBA: Creating A Legend, you can choose to play as any player in the NBA and play out the rest of their career.  Whose career will you take over?


One of my favorite things about this new mode is that you can take whatever path you want with a player and ultimately change the outcome of his career.  If you want to take a Kobe Bryant and try to match him up with Melo and Amare in New York, go talk to management about a trade and tell them you want to go to New York.  Remember, you aren’t someone who is pulling the strings for Kobe in this mode, YOU are Kobe!


Many of the new additions that we’ve added to My Player this year have found their way into NBA: Creating A Legend, including Contract Negotiations + Spending, the ability to play only Key Games (this gets you through seasons much faster), Player Abilities, Dynamic Goals, all of the new Drills, and much more.  These inclusions are an immediate boost and add instant depth to this new mode.


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In NBA: Creating A Legend, you’ll be able to request trades to specific teams (like in My Player).  Your request isn’t a guarantee you’ll end up there, but your GM will do his best to work out a deal with one of those teams.  For you Knick fans out there, this is your chance to bring Kobe into the fold.


My aim and focus with this mode was to provide an experience that even the most casual user with limited playing time could jump right into and enjoy.  At the same, I wanted to provide a feature littered with depth that even our most devoted users would find fulfilling over an extended period of time.  For those of you picking up the game on October 4th, give this hidden gem a shot.  I think you’ll find yourself quickly becoming addicted to what it has to offer.


- Erick Boenisch

a.k.a. SimBaller


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