November 1, 2011 - Criminal Assault of 14 Year Old at Occupy Dallas Campsite

November 1, 2011 at 12:41pm

On October 23, 2011, Dallas Police Officers received information about a female at the Occupy Dallas encampment who matched the description of a runaway.  Officers checked the area and located the female within the encampment.  It was determined the female was 14 years old and reported as a runaway from her home in Garland.  The runaway was transported to Dallas Police Headquarters so she could be interviewed by Youth Section detectives.  During the interview process, the female complainant stated she had sex with a 23 year old male in a tent at the Occupy Dallas encampment.  She also reported to detectives that she had told the 23 year old male that she was 19 years of age.


The Child Exploitation Squad initiated an investigation based on the child victim’s statements.  After a thorough investigation, a suspect was identified.  The suspect was located and questioned.  It was determined the suspect is a non-compliant registered sex offender and engaged in sexual conduct with the runaway who is a minor.  The suspect was arrested on October 27, 2011, for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (Felony 2) and Sexual Assault of a Child (Felony 2).  The offenses are documented on service numbers 2263530-Y and 280667-Y.  The suspect was taken to Lew Sterrett Jail and is still in custody.  The suspect’s name is Richard Wayne Armstrong with a birth date of October 23, 1987.