How-to Create a Facebook Vanity URL

October 24, 2011 at 6:00am

Once your Facebook Page has been created you are able to set up what is called a “Vanity URL.” What this means is that you can change your Facebook page URL to resemble something like this,, where you choose your username. This custom vanity URL can only be set once so choose wisely.

To set up a vanity URL visit the Edit Page section and click on “Basic Information” on the left panel. Here you can set your username. Click on the “Create a username for this page?” link.

You will then be taken to the page shown below. Select the Facebook Page you want to set a URL/username for from the drop down on the left and start typing in your desired username in the box on the right . Click on the “Check Availability” button to see if your username is available for use.

A pop-up window will appear showing if your username is available as well as other important information. When you have settled on an available username click on the “Confirm” button.

A confirmation pop-up window will appear showing you what URL you may now direct your Page fans too.

Click “Okay” and start notifying your friends and fans about your new Facebook Page URL!