GirlsSpot--Introducing Teens Tanya and Rushali of New Delhi, India

March 16, 2012 at 6:59am

GirlSpot's Ellie Dominguez and Madison Farley had the privilege of speaking with two teens living in New Delhi, India. Check out what they learned from their conversations with these girls: 


Ellie and Madison here! We’ve had the pleasure of talking with Tanya and Rushali, daughters of two Jhpiego India team members in New Delhi. Rushali is 14 years old, and attends Amity International School. We enjoyed comparing our schools – both our schools have similar school hours, however,  Garrison Forest School which we attend, is an all-girls school versus Rushali’s school is co-ed. “It’s more fun with boys, I think,” says Rushali. An aspiring architect, Rushali enjoys math, and will attend college. She’s an only child, and likes many of the same activities we enjoy, like going to the mall and the movies. We even have similar tastes in music, Adele and Rihanna to name a few.


Growing up, 19 year old Tanya studied at Mater Dei, and is now in college. Attending all-girls schools her whole life, Tanya is majoring in English and will graduate in a year, where she then plans on getting a Masters of Business Administration degree. When we asked her what she thought about an all-girls education, she said it is safer, and there is less of an emphasis on clothing and appearance – we agree! She also said going to school with all girls makes it easy to get to know your classmates and relate to your peers, even though it might limit your social circles. Tanya lives at home, and has a 13 year old brother. She plays the keyboard, and enjoys salsa and other forms of dance since the age of 4.


We asked Rushali and Tanya what it’s like to live in India. In New Delhi, Rushali said,  “Each city has something special about it [and] unique things to see and learn about.” Tanya told us a bit about the culture towards girls, noting, “In India, the times have changed; the conservative families have accepted the new social norms of providing the girls with equal freedom as boys have.” But Tanya also adds that some girls are still prohibited from making their own decisions. However, for many girls who live in big cities, they can be ambitious, attend school, and are encouraged to go to college and pick a career. “I too have set my own career goals and my parents support me,” says Tanya. “They have given me the freedom to take my own decisions in regard to my career as well as my life, provided they are my guide.”  

We are thrilled to be able to talk to Rushali and Tanya and hope to continue our conversations. If you have any questions for either Rushali or Tanya, leave a comment, and we’ll ask them! Until next time…


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Madison Farley and Ellie Dominguez, Baltimore teens posting for Jhpiego's GirlSpotMadison Farley and Ellie Dominguez, Baltimore teens posting for Jhpiego's GirlSpot