Detailed instructions on how to vote Ember's Flame to open for Bon Jovi

May 23, 2011 at 3:38am

Hello all! There have been numerous questions how the Hitlantis system works. It ain't that complicated, actually pretty simple. The site is made with flash and is not the fastest service, but works if you give your browser time to load the page.


Here are brief instructions how to wote Ember’s Flame in Bon Jovi –competition: sign up for the service, check the confirmation mail, log in and click “Become a Fan” on Ember’s Flame profile.


The flow is described in details and with screenshots below.


Register yourself in

1. Browse to 

2. Click “Register & Log In” on the page bottom right hand side 

3. Click “Sign Up” on the tiny pop up window 

4. Select the account tule “User”

5. Enter the needed information (Pic 3). Your name does not have to be your real official name, but email address needs to be real where you can receive and check the confirmation email. Enter password in the fields “Password” and “Confirm password”.

6. Hitlantis sends you a confirmation email with a link. By clicking the link you confirm the user account you just created.

7. Go to and log in with your user account. You can log in by clicking the “Register & Log In” on the page bottom right hand side




1. Once you are logged In click the link

2. Ember’s Flame information will pop up in the right hand side of the window. Click the button “Become a Fan"  



That’s all! Thank You!!!