Buy Will Sessions' "many faces" Album

April 26, 2009 at 10:59am
To order many faces by Will Sessions =

To order the CD many faces by Will sessions, click HERE. CDs are $6 plus S & H (US=$3 International=$5). Just click the "BUY NOW" button on the page next to the CD image.

To purchase individual tracks or the whole album in MP3s, please click HERE. The Snocap player (where you buy the MP3s) will allow you to listen to all the tracks there as well. (There is 1 track missing due to Myspace)

Track Listing
  1. Prelude to a Mushroom Cloud

  2. Listen featuring Asylum7

  3. Attack of the Metal Clapper

  4. Blind Man Sees (The Sountrack)

  5. Valuable Lyricist featuring Asylum7

  6. Fiend

  7. Backwards featuring Asylum7

  8. Move featuring Buff 1

  9. B's Dance

  10. Beautiful

  11. Without Anything

  12. The Theme Pt. 2

  13. Bonus Beats 22-24

  14. Bonus Beats 31-35

Will Sessions' album cover, "many faces", by Kenjji. He was the man behind Movement's 2003 festival poster. Check out his website where you can view part of his comic book series and other works - click HERE.
Hand printed by Elizabeth Wanat.

Hand printed.Hand printed.