Twitter Poetry Jam with @meinnate

July 3, 2011 at 1:12pm

Last 19th June, me and my mate @meinnate did a spontaneous twitter poetry jam and I decided to compile and see how it looks like. Hope you guys like it.


(Note: The Italics are mine and the Bolds are @meinnate's)


this is me.

almost flying.

not stopping.

this is you.

almost losing.


this is us.

not being.





we fly,

creating rainbows from our wings of love,

showering tears of joy from heavens above.



I can see more colours to a rainbow in your presence.

And I can see no colour in darkness in your absence.



The colors are in your eyes,

you are LOVE that keeps me alive



Love is all I see of you,

and Love is blind.

For what's important is my heart beat.

To be alive.

To breathe of love.

For you.



To be free is to see you,

to be free is to touch you,

to be free is to think of you,

to be free is to say I love you



What is free when I'd sell my soul just to be with you.

What is material when my love is intangible.

What is me, without you?



I'll walk through rings of fire for you,

I'll face a hungry tiger to be with you,

don't sell your soul for love,

love me for me and I'm yours forever



If flowers can bloom,

if rivers can flow,

if birds can sing,

if mountains can move,

we too, can be together.



To feel you near me,

your skin against mine,

smelling your scent of sweetness,

tasting the wine on your lips,

your eyes baring my soul,

I shiver beyond control



Ah, you talk of wine and intoxication.

I can smell the yeast of a bread

and think of ur warmth throughout the day in-fatuation.