Take action on secondary suites

February 16, 2011 at 6:31am

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So other steps to spread the news about legalizing secondary suites in Calgary


1. Contact your alderman and let them know you support secondary suites

TAs we get closer to the March 7 council meeting, it's important to let him/her know that support legalizing secondary suites across Calgary. We have a note that details the many ways to do so. Phone, email, write a letter, drop them a note on Twitter: all that info is there. Let them know you are one of the 75% of Calgarians that support secondary suites in their own neighbourhood. And if you are unsure what to write or say, check out this sample letter


2. Share this page with your friends on Facebook

On the left-hand side is "Share". By clicking that you can post a link to this site and a reason why you support this. Let your friends know how you feel.


3. Change your profile picture

We have several lovely profile pics that proclaim your support for secondary suites. Consider changing your Facebook pic, Twitter avatar, or other social media avatars to one of these profile pics. Heck, even make your own.


4. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, heck even strangers, about your support for secondary suites

Sometimes face-to-face conversation is more effective. So bring up the topic of secondary suites and get a chat going. Let them know what's happening and that you think this is an important step for Calgary. Maybe you can even convince them to contact their alderman or spread the news to other friends and families.


5. Let us know why you support secondary suites

We have room for discussions on the Facebook page so let loose about why you support secondary suites. Or the times where you lived in illegal and unsafe suites. Or how you know it will benefit someone you know or the community. We all have our reasons to support this and let's start hearing them.


6. Join the conversation on Twitter

If you're already on Twitter, join in on the secondary suite discussion by searching for the hashtag #suiteyyc. You'll find many like-minded Calgarians sharing why they like secondary suites, links to news stories, and live tweeting of committee meetings.