AUSTRIAN WINE #ewbc 11/25/2010 updates

October 23, 2010 at 1:09am


@charles metcalfe : I thinks it's wonderful that the #EWBC came to a city with such diverse culture, and where wine is part of the fabric of life


@gabriellaopaz: Just got internet on our bus heading to the Stift Gottweig Monastery. Unreal scenery and gorgeous! :) #ewbc


@carohenry: Seminar on the wines of Kremstal, Kamptal and Traisental at the beautiful Stift Goettweig - #ewbc


@andrerib: Wine tasting near the Danube inside the beautiful Stift Gottweig Monastery. Wow. #ewbc #fb


@Diane_Letulle: Tasting Grüner Veltliner in 11th Century Austrian monastery #EWBC


@alisonedillon: #EWBC we all had a ball in Vienna


@Diane_Letulle: We are hearing a terrific presentation on the wines of Kremstal, Traisental & Kremstal - great job #EWBC


@wine_scribbler: What do bosenberries taste like? Blaufrankish apparently.27 versions of Austrian variety on front of us.#ewbc


@CHEZVINO: #EWBC tasting reislings and gruners in classic fresh style and reserve richer style in a 1000 year old monastery


@WineTravel: Middle of nowhere in SudBurgenland, Austria near Hungary border, lunch.... We are spoilt. #EWBC


@ryanopaz: #ewbc feels great to relax a bit before 2011 begins! ;) Danube trip rocks!


@ted_lelekas: Zweigelt 1 - Blaufrankisch 0 in today's lunch at Ratschen. The important thing is that Austrian red native varieties rock! #EWBC


@Wijnkronieken: Great lunch here in Südburgenland, now time for dessert. Looking forwardd to walk in the vineyards next. Some fresh air ;-) #ewbc






@wine_scribbler: Heading for spitz in wachau for boat to durnstein. Foggy grey atmospheric. Muted autumnal palate to landscape.#ewbc


@ryanopaz: Our bus to Burgenland is half awake as we head out of town #ewbc


@aristideblog: #EWBC On The road to Wachau, free Wi-Fi on the bus


@wisequeen: its been a nonstop 3 day party! 200 wines tasted at #ewbc and counting


@timlemke: The Austrian countryside right here looks kind of like the countryside between Indianapolis, IN & Champaign, IL #ewbc


@Diane_Letulle: Grapes sighted! #burgenland #EWBC


@ryanopaz: #ewbc playing church spotting as we tour austria


@iboy: The cold northern wind and granite soil gives Grüner Veltliner high acidity and a fruity peppery, mineral, crisp fresh taste. #EWBC


@iboy: All Weinviertel DAC wines have an official capsule on the top of the bottle


@iboy: One of my favourite things about "Lower Austria" (Niederösterreich) is that it's in the north. #EWBC


@Diane_Letulle: Listening to Hayden in his concert hall at Esterházy Palace #EWBC


@mhovorka: #EWBC Weinviertel Reserves worth a whirl. Especially liking Weingut Gschweicher, but good Lord that's a lot of consonants. #how2pronounce?


@mhovorka: #EWBC Seriously impressed by Austrian Wine. Open wifi on the bus out to Weinviertel. …


@thirstforwine: Tasting loads of Austrian wines at 10am in Domaine Wachau, Dürnstein. A typical Sunday morning (almost) #ewbc


@thirstforwine: I must say, the Wachau vineyards along the Danube are STUNNING! You have to visit! #ewbc


@tiptoptaps: Cruise down the Danube. Call in at Dürnstein to taste some top Wachau wines. I'm not missing the Sunday Times this morning. #EWBC


@Diane_Letulle: Blaufrankisch has been growing in Leithaberg area since 10th century! #EWBC


@carohenry: Retz wine cellars, what a lovely experience;) Now lunch with more #Veltliner! Am loving the Weinviertel region! #ewbc


@ilkka_siren: The Weinviertel bus rocks! #ewbc


@ted_lelekas: Top marks to the Weinviertel mktg team for matching their wines with 4 different international cuisines at today's lunch. Brilliant! #EWBC


@thewinemaestro: Lunch stop in "best wine bar #Weinviertal". So far living up to its reputation! #ewbc


@viniculture_pl: Having great conversation about Christmas customs in a different countries;) #ewbc


@TweetAWine: I think I will tell to all my friends to create their own wine blogs just to participate to the #ewbc once in their life!


@Diane_Letulle: What to do with leftover pancakes - in Austria you put them in your soup #EWBC lunch


@thirstforwine: #ewbc the Danube group has reached the Wagram. More delicious Grüner Veltliner ... And lunch! :) #happy


@vitormendes77: #ewbc Nice lunch at Esterhazy winery.


@ted_lelekas: - How many #EWBC bloggers can you fit in the back of a harvest tractor?


@KateSweetPRlady: Holy crap. @kiwiwazza has just been served half a cow. Follow him for a pic of the impressive plate of protein. #ewbc #viennadaytrip


@wine_scribbler: We at klosternruburg? Impressive chateau. Huge too. Charging thru a bunch of wines from thermenregion and carnuntum.#ewbc


@viniculture_pl: Need to add one more thing... #ewbc is priceless, for anything else you can pay by #maestro card :


@TweetAWine: @EuroWBC thank you so much to organize this so brillant wine event. That was my first time at #ewbc but certainly not the last - if you want


@winzerblog: tolle Tagesreise in das Weinviertel erlebt, tolle Veltliner und vor allem ein beeindruckender ehrlicher Winzer Gruber!! #EWBC


@thirstforwine: The Vienna adventure comes to an end, but we stay in a chilly, damp Austria for more wine adventures #ewbc :)



10/23/2010 - saturday



@thewinesinger: #EWBC Responsible behaviour - but irresponsible dancing.


@KateSweetPRlady: #ewbc Hard to dance and tweet at the same time.


@AperitifNorway: The bloggers seems to have lost their definition of "responsible behaviour" at the #ewbc party! NICE!


@thobu: Thanks #ewbc for the great show


@thewinesinger: #EWBC Tweetamus, ergo sumus


@emidio: #EWBC party rocking. I think this year the crown goes to Michael Cox. (@ MAK - Museum für angewandte Kunst | Museum of Applied Arts)


@EGoddess: Vienna, Austria... wine & beautiful places! #ewbc


@wijnkelder: Live from Vienna - #EWBC De tweede dag van EWBC, de European Wine Bloggers Conference zit er bijna op. Ik ben in Wenen,..





@evanschnittman: I very much enjoyed speaking today at #EWBC - I hope i wasn't too publishing focused!


@rowbags: #EWBC thank you Gabi, Rob and Ryan for a brilliantly organised conference. Love the #borndigitalwineawards idea.


@Diane_Letulle: Learning about future directions in publishing at #EWBC - glad to see this topic - Amazon kindle good for "immersive reading"


@WineTravel: Amazon will be the leading self-publishing platform in the future, says Even Schnittmann at #EWBC - very interesting...


@mhovorka: #ewbc 10% of all US books sold in 2009 were digital. Huge jump since launch of Kindle.


@randulo: I'm hearing great things #EWBC this year! Maybe next time they should have it in Bordeaux? No! imagine Tuscany as next venue!


@emidio: Evan Schnittman of Bloomsbury Publishing at #EWBC. Will the internet kill book publishing? NO! It will amplify it.


@thirstforwine: #ewbc "when you start editing comments you become responsible for them" - useful warning


@vinophil: "Conversation is what drives people to trust other people" #socialcommerce #ewbc


@PrateekArora: love the @nakedwines approach to wine retail..good presentation-informative and articulate.happy to be at #EWBC


@BourgogneLive :excellent! Copyright? Creative Commons ;-) RT @TweetAWine: Join Diaspowine the new open and free wine social network ;-)


@_Johanne: The wine industry is more than ever consumer driven, #EWBC


@vitormendes77: #ewbc great presentation by @andrerib of


The Born Digital Wine Awards

are an attempt to give value to the new wave of online wine journalism. Each year, the best examples of electronic publishing, including videos and audio, will be reviewed by a panel of top industry professionals from within and without the wine industry.Nominations for the first ever Born Digital Wine Awards will begin January 1st, 2011.2010 Judging Panel: Jancis Robinson, Evan Schnittman, Elin McCoy, Patrick Schmitt, Robert Joseph



10/22/2010 - friday - Some #ewbc tweets

@_Johanne: 'Internet has shifted the style we talk about wine', Elin McCoy, #EWBC


@viniculture_pl: I'm really impressed by #EWBC organization! WOW!


@OstreaEdulis: Every wine country needs a Willie Klinger - #ewbc live on


@UcciB #EWBC Day2. Exciting experience! (@ Orangerie)


@BourgogneLive: Ice Wine?? RT @TweetAWine: Why austrian wine are so fresh? I found the answer at #ewbc


@ WineTravel: Thanks @WienWein and Wgt Mayer for Heurige meal and party - even us #partypoopers had a good time and now rearing to go! #EWBC


@Diane_Letulle: Tonight, I waltzed in Vienna (albeit with a Spaniard) #EWBC. Had massive fun tonight, but got ditched by absolutely all my hostel mates. Still, Vienna rocks & Brits were reliably drinking late #EWBC


@andrerib: Nice #ewbc party at Heuriger Mayer! Party hard is done, now ready for a talk about @adegga tomorrow at 10am.


@Reuterdahl: Good night you all - thanks for great first day #EWBC #EWBC10


@andegregson: it's been a long day considering my 4am start - looking forward to the final day of the #ewbc #media140


@WineTravel: Beautifully organised tutored tasting of Austria covering lots of styles even if from 'undiscovered stars'. Well done #EWBC!


@PeterHandzus: Tweets about #EWBC have reached 30,374 people via @tweetreachapp


@carohenry: @gabriellaopaz, @ryanopaz, @thirstforwine Well done!! Awesome first day at #ewbc! Looking fwd to dinner!


@emidio: #EWBC tasting ended, follow the LIVE Tasting Notes on @adegga from Austrian Undiscovered Stars at #ewbc -


@KenPayton: Delightful tasting; silly exercise. #EWBC


@lekkersapje: World reknowned Dutch wine wiriter Hubrecht Duijker thinks Austrian wines are his very favourites ;-] #ewbc #wine #wijn #lekkersapje


@tendancevin: Austrian wine tasting at #ewbc. Fascinating presentation by willi klinger