Doc thinks we're "whacked-out." I've responded, now it's your turn.

October 12, 2009 at 11:15am

From Daily Dose newsletter by William Campbell Douglass, MD (10/11/09):

Vegans being vegans
Exercise isn't the only form of indoctrination our poor kids are being forced to endure. In some classrooms now, the three Rs may as well stand for "ranting, raving and radicalism."
The latest vegan smear tactics can be found in the pages of a children's book called "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals."

The writer and artist, Ruby Rox, created this illustrated piece of propaganda to help young students understand her whacked-out lifestyle. That's right -- somehow, an art teacher feels the need to talk about her extreme and unhealthy views in an elementary school class.
She claims the kids just wanted to know why she doesn't drink milk. A simple "Some people don't drink milk, and I'm one of them" would have sufficed -- but instead, she wants to give them a full course in Veganism 101.
It just goes to show you -- vegans can't simply be vegans and leave the rest of us alone. They have an innate need to try to suck everyone else into their unhealthy lifestyle, probably to make the rest of the world as miserable as they are.
I tried vegetarianism once, and I got so sick that I had ill patients concerned about MY health.

But like all good lies, there are kernels of truth in this book. The illustrations show the horrors of factory-farm conditions. Not only are these places cruel to the animals, but the food that comes out of them is unhealthy and dangerous. I can't and won't deny that, and these places should be shut down before the next big tainted meat scandal sickens more Americans.
But that's no a reason to jump off the deep end. You can and should enjoy a full diet of grass-fed beef products, including one of the world's most delicious foods of all: steak.
And you can have your poultry, too -- just stick to eggs and meat from free-range chickens.
Class dismissed.

Cooking up your daily dose of carnivorous truth,
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In response, by Ruby Roth (10/12/09):

Dear Dr. William Campbell Douglass,

An acquaintance forwarded me your Daily Dose newsletter over the weekend and I was surprised to find an entire section devoted to my children’s book, “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals.” Thank you for the free publicity, I saw a jump in numbers on Facebook today–even though your review was quite misleading and you misspelled my name–which leads me to suspect that you may not have actually seen the book, nor read it carefully (I do like “Ruby Rox,” though!)

Had you taken a more analytical look, you might have noticed that the book is not called “Why You Shouldn’t Eat Animals,” but rather “Why WE Don’t.” It is not a piece of propaganda, but an educational tool like any other book that describes to curious readers how people across the world choose to live, and why. I agree that there is a fine line between education and advertising, but unlike yourself, I do not have a line of vitamins I am trying to justify and hock to the public (where are they formulated, by the way? Overseas? Most vitamins are, due to cheap labor and U.S. chemical/pollution laws).

It is embarrassingly hypocritical that you aim to expose your findings and version of the “truth” to adults, yet you would have advised me to give children elusive and vague answers to their sincere questions about my veganism. I believe that everyone, at any age, deserves to know where food comes from. And kids can’t make choices if they don’t know there are any. You should also know by now that “free-range” is generally unregulated when it comes to animal agriculture.

I can assure you that my “whacked” out lifestyle has afforded me the thriving health that keeps the doctor away and my bills at bay. It is a joyous relief not to have a reason to come into contact with doctors like yourself who do not know or practice a veg lifestyle. If you were in fact sick when you tried going veg, you were probably experiencing common cleansing reactions or you were eating unhealthy veg foods without deep greens or superfoods. It is possible. But I understand…if you encouraged plant-based diets, you might have fewer patients to treat! And you can never have a change of heart now, no matter how many mainstream medical institutions are now acknowledging the benefits of a plant-based diet…you’d lose your career.

I can also assure you that your “shock jock” (or should I say “shock doc”) tactics regarding vegetarianism and veganism do not work on educated people. You can see for yourself, I’ve posted your review and this letter on my book’s facebook page.

Wishing you the best of health,

Ruby Roth