Twitterview for St Jude's Hoops Week Recap

March 11, 2011 at 9:49am

The NBA, St. Jude and the league's stars recruited fans to support the world-famous hospital through donations, an exclusive online auction and school fundraisers so that St. Jude can continue its mission of finding cures and saving children.


Kevin Love signed up to be on the Hoops For St Jude team along with Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay, David Lee, Steve Blake and head coach George Karl to promote an initiative to help kids beat childhood cancer, sickle cell disease and other life-threatening diseases.



On Thursday, Kevin conducted a live "Twitterview", taking fan questions and answering them in the hopes of spreading awareness about St. Jude. Below is the transcript of the chat:


Q: Who was ur favorite teamate at UCLA?? my favorite players in the NBA come out of UCLA including you

Kevin: My whole UCLA team was a family that year. Not only the players but the coaching staff & personnel. Hard to pick just one.


Q: Favorite MLB Team?

Kevin: Being from Portland I have to be partial to the Seattle Mariners but now being in the Twin Cities I'm a Twins fan as well.


Q: Why is #HoopsforStJude so important to you?

Kevin: Hoops4StJude is important to me b/c it's a non-profit organization where no family is ever turned away. What St Jude does for children and their families is absolutely amazing. I've seen it first hand. RIP Dylan Witschen.


Q: Who is your toughest matchup personally?

Kevin: Toughest matchup....there's a lot to count. But if I had to pick just a few it'd be Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard & Blake Griffin.


Q: Who do you have winning the NCAA tournament this year?

Kevin: I'd love to say I have my Bruins winning the NCAA Tourney, but if I had to pick anyone else I would pick Ohio State.


Q: Who is you hero and why?

Kevin: My dad is my hero b/c he is the one who put the ball in my hand at an early age. He's the reason I'm where I am today.


Q: Is it true you aren't the only famous person in your family?

Kevin: Yes. My uncle Mike is the lead singer for the Beach Boys and my aunt Kathleen won the Iron Man Triathalon. No joke - look it up.


Q: What's your favorite city to play when on the road?

Kevin: My favorite city to play at on the road is LA (friends), Portland (family) and NYC (The Garden).


Q: What are some tips you can give young players who want to rebound like you do?

Kevin: Bill Russell said that 80% of the rebounds happen below the rim so you don't have to be the most athletic/tallest to grab boards


Q: What sport do you play/like besides basketball??

Kevin: I played baseball growing up. I was a pitcher and a first baseman. I hit bombs! Baseball could have been my better sport.


Q: Who is your fave team to play against in the league?

Kevin: As of right now, my favorite team to play against is the Lakers. They're the defending champs - can't replicate that.


Q: Do you think you would have won a national title if you had stayed another year?

Kevin: I think if Russell, Luc, DC & I would have stayed another couple years at UCLA I do believe we would have won a national title.


Q: Hey bro, just wanted to know what was it like getting an ovation from great crowd like the one from yesterday?

Kevin: The fans in Minnesota have been great the whole year. It was a tremendous honor to be given a standing ovation. Surreal moment


Q: You think you can pass the record for consecutive Double-Double? Are you aiming to top it?

Kevin: Think that will be a tough feat with Chamberlain in my way (227 straight).

Kevin: Thanks for all the questions...u guys are the best. Remember to follow @stjude and goto to show ur support!!!