Explore William Blake’s World online

September 30, 2009 at 6:05pm

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake’s World: “A New Heaven Is Begun” is our first exhibition devoted to visionary artist and poet William Blake in over 20 years. We’ve recently launched an extensive online exhibition here. View all the works featured in the exhibition up close and in detail. Gain insight into Blake’s remarkable genius with curator Anna Lou Ashby and former Morgan director Charles Ryskamp. Download mp3s of Jeremy Irons’ exquisite readings of “The Tyger” and “Auguries of Innocence”

What do you think? Favorite Blake work? Learn anything new or unexpected? We’d love to hear from you—comment below!