Vijay's Recommendation - Thermos Leakpoof Backpack Bottle

October 29, 2009 at 8:15am

Beverage merchandise is not my specialty, and I don't frequently give any product recommendations besides our coffee and certain coffee makers. However, I had an experience yesterday that compels me to recommend a certain product.

Yesterday, I left work early in the afternoon, because I was invited to an Opera. Friends were going to see Turandot on a college fine arts class trip. I joined them (for a discounted ticket). Before leaving work, I brewed some fresh coffee (Oren's Holiday Blend 2009) and borrowed one of our spare thermoses to take it with me. I used Thermos' "Leak-proof Backpack Bottle".

This particular thermos is a double-walled vacuum-insulated thermos with a rubber stop built into the cap. Our assistant buyer Jamie uses it every day, and swears by it.

So I filled up my coffee around 1:30 pm. I didn't start drinking a few sips until I met my friends at the Metropolitan museum around 3:30 pm. I drank some hot sips throughout the afternoon and evening. It stayed hot and fresh and was really enjoyable.

The opera was at 8 pm. After the first act, I saw it was okay to consume beverages inside the opera house (I think.) So I pulled out my thermos, and started drinking. It was 9:30 now, and I wasn't expecting the coffee to be hot - but it was still so hot that I could only drink sips and not big gulps. 8 hours later, my coffee was still hot, after I'd been sipping throughout the day and had opened and closed the thermos several times.

I finished the remainder of the coffee after the opera, around 11:00. It was still drinkably hot.

Also, The thermos is certainly leak-proof. It has The lid is a lid with a cap on a spring hinge - it screws on to the thermos; it has a built-in rubber stopper that fits tightly against the hole - leaving no airspace. The cap also closes with a snapping closure, and then a steel hinge goes over that closure. It's highly secure - but can also be opened with one hand.

So here's my product recommendation - I recommend the Thermos Leakproof Backpack Bottle - it keeps your coffee hot for half the day, and does not leak.

Vijay @ Oren's.