Non-Ride Report: Sacramento, California

October 15, 2009 at 5:00am

Though I wish I'd been able to work in a bike ride on my recent trip to Sacramento, California, I was able to cover ground in another favorable way.

On Tuesday, October 6th, Kevin McManigal, Casey Greene and I hosted a regional gathering for Adventure Cycling at the Sacramento REI store. We had a fabulous turnout, 44 people, most were members. Many thanks go out to our volunteers who helped set up the meeting and provide snacks, to REI for offering their community room, and to Bil Paul, Sierra Cascades route researcher, for a ride to and from the meeting.

The topic for the evening was our current route-in-progress, the Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route and routes & mapping at Adventure Cycling in general. I haven't asked Kevin and Casey, but I think we all felt a bit like rock stars. We were welcomed warmly by all who attended and were asked a bevy of great questions. I can't wait to host another meeting!

in this photo: Jennifer Milyko, ACA Cartographer and Lou Cross, NACIS executive director
photo courtesy of Jennifer Milyko

The next three days we spent at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) annual meeting. It was a great opportunity to share our mapping process, learn about other methods and simply meet and mingle with other mapping professionals. An added highlight for me was my election to the NACIS board. For the next two years I will be participating in guiding the organization in reaching its goals to share the cartographic wealth.

Both of these events were incredibly fulfilling. As much as I love making the maps, meeting new people and learning new things is pretty great, too.

in the top photo: Kevin McManigal giving me (Jenn) the "thumbs up" at the Sacramento Regional Meeting
top photo by Jennifer Milyko


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