March 24, 2011 at 6:29am

Some have stated on Facebook that there is a rumor that we violated the contract with GHC and have asked for our response.


1.  We received a signed letter from GHC confirming booth size, AV provision for talks etc.  Nothing in this letter related to what one can and can't say in speaking.  Certainly other Homeschool Conferences I speak at do have a contract that specifically deals with some limits in regards to what speakers can say--particularly about other speakers--and we abide by that as we have to when we sign the contract.  But this conference had no such contract.


2.  We did receive an email from GHC this past November that contained some of the statements that are on their website in regard to their philosophy for their conferences.  Here are just a couple of quotes:"...we have provided the following information, and have incorporated it into our "Attendee Information"..the reading of which is a required part of the convention registration process...""...we do not require that Speakers and Exhibitors must be in total agreement with our Statement of Faith...""...we do not necessarily endorse everything you may find in the Exhibit Hall or that you may hear in a Seminar or Workshop session.""...we do not propose to "filter" everything...allowing you to see or hear only what "we" have approved.  We believe that you, as parents and educators are capable of judging and making intelligent decisions for yourself and your family."Another quote from the email:"...There are many, many Christian authors and speakers that are doing valuable work, and that I have considerable respect and regard for--while at the same time having profound disagreements in some areas. (Peter Enns falls into this category--along with many other well known, Christian authors and speakers.)...You will not be surprised that there are those that believe we are too conservative...and others that believe we're to liberal, etc."


I only give you this information to illustrate that we did not go against any signed contract--and in fact, I do believe (and because of a phone call we had with the lead person as per the article on our website:  http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2011/03/22/kicked-out-homeschool-conferences) what I did and said did not in any way go against the philosophy of this convention.


I really am very saddened that all this has occurred.  I do pray though that in some way it will be a wake up call to the Homeschool movement to carefully discern who should be at such conferences and what materials should be endorsed.  If this controversy does nothing more than help cause Homeschoolers to look seriously at these things, then I believe it will be worthwhile.