OLA Special Force unit Killed a Woyyanee Agent in Dire-Dhawa, Eastern Oromia.

May 19, 2011 at 7:13am

(OLF News, May 18, 2011) A Special Force unit of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has killed a notorious Woyane agent and head of Gumruk Office in Dire-Dhawa city named Fikreab,  news we received from OLA Eastern command revealed. Fiqkeab is said to have been loyal to the Woyane regime and harassing the local Oromo population.


Other News From Eastern Oromia.

  1. Baddeysa: Wayyane agents robbed a large sum of money collected by local people to construct  a mosque in  western Hararge, Baddeysa town. According to news we received from the area, Woyyane intelligence officers named Solomon and Fufa together with 5 armed personnel  went to Mr Ibrahim Ahmed Madar's home and robbed money in the amount of 30, 855.75 Birr by claiming that the money was collected for support of OLF.
  2. Qunne: In Qunne county [woreda], Qunne town, Western Oromia, woyyane agents opened live ammunition to civilian population and wounded a person named Hamza. Hamza is currently in Chiro hospital. In relation to this 16 innocent civilians have been abducted and their where about is still unknown.  

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