DRAFT PLATFORM (last updated Oct. 2010)

May 11, 2011 at 1:24pm


Early in 2008, a number of people who are conservatives, old fashioned liberals and traditionalists from all areas of the country came together via the Internet from a common distaste for what the existing two major parties represent:  These founders strived for a year to formulate a solid foundation of Core Conservative Principles, and since then has been slowly growing a base of supporters nationwide around those principles.



The ACP firmly believes in the 10th Amendment and therefore it supports the actions of many States to nullify or fight Federal laws that constitute an overreach of Federal authority.


In conjunction with that, a large portion of our policy positions must be handled at the State Level.  The Virginia Conservative Party (VCP) formed in July 2009 to apply Conservative Principles to the policy issues of Virginia and focus on the areas where we think Virginia needs the most change.  Below are some of our Platform positions:



  • We believe in a complete education of the Principles of our nation’s Founding, the role of Government, and the importance of an engaged and personally responsible citizenry.  
  • Parents of our children should have the first, last and ultimate say-so on where and how their children are educated.  
  • We believe educators should be compensated fairly, based on proven ability to teach and benefits should be reflective of those found in the private sector.


  • The Commonwealth’s power over the transportation system should not be used to subsidize modes of transportation that are not practical or cost effective. 
  • Private industry and the free market should be relied upon to the fullest extent possible in providing for the transportation needs of the state.


  • While Virginia has a rich and historically significant heritage, and historic preservation is important to Virginians, we are adamantly against expansion of Government-controlled land at the expense of private property rights. 
  • We oppose “Smart growth” and “sustainability” policies which are used by Local Governments to control the ecology, and thus, the economy, of the population.  


  • The Commonwealth's primary role in the healthcare of citizens should be to foster an environment that encourages competition and free market solutions.
  • The Commonwealth should make the state insurance product approval process the easiest in the nation so that more insurance competition can be fostered here.
  • The VCP supports a simpler and more open “Certificate of Public Need” (COPN) process for hospitals, and the planning areas should be constantly reevaluated to maximize the ability for competing hospitals to drive down costs and improve quality


  • Virginia should be allowed to become a leader in the production of energy solutions to include promoting the construction and use of nuclear power, including building plants that refine/recover/reprocess "spent" nuclear fuel rods. 
  • We believe drilling off-shore for natural gas and oil can be accomplished safely, without damage to the environment.  
  • The VCP believes that neither “Global Warming” nor "Climate Change" is caused by the activities of man, but that reasonable conservation of all resources is prudent and necessary.