Creating a Culture of Respect

March 10, 2011 at 4:11am

At Facebook, we believe safety is a shared responsibility. That’s why we’re thrilled that President Obama has convened today’s summit to discuss an issue we all care about deeply: bullying prevention. Bullying can happen anywhere—in the classroom, in the schoolyard, on college campuses, in the work place, and through the use of new technologies. So it’s only fitting that all of us—parents, kids, educators, safety experts, researchers, and companies, including Facebook—come together to discuss how we can create a culture of respect wherever we are.


Facebook strives for a culture of respect in several ways.  For example, we require that people use their real names and identities, so they’re more accountable for their actions. We also work with various experts and members of our Safety Advisory Board to build industry-leading tools and safety resources that foster a more trusted environment in which people can share.


And we never stop working to do more. In recognition of the importance of today’s summit on bullying prevention, we’re excited to announce two new safety features that we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks:

  • A reporting system that’s social by design. We’re working on a new social reporting feature. We've always offered a comprehensive system for people to report content to us, which has been effective at keeping inappropriate content off the site. Now, we're adding a unique feature, developed with safety experts, that lets people also report content to someone in their support system (like a parent or teacher) who may be able to address the issue more directly. It is our hope that features like this will help not only remove the offensive content but also help people get to the root of the problem. We’ve been testing and improving social reporting over the past few months and it will soon be available globally. You can find out more here.
  • An improved Safety Center with more multimedia resources. Facebook's current Safety Center provides targeted information for parents, educators and teens looking for answers to top questions about online safety. In the next few weeks, we will incorporate new educational videos, external resources from renowned experts, downloadable materials for people to share and discuss, and more. In addition to working with the people mentioned above, we’re also looking to teens to get their perspective and advice on using technology wisely. Our goal is to encourage a conversation around safety so people can make smart choices wherever they are. Over time, we’ll continue to invest significant time, energy and money in adding content and tools to our Safety Center so it will always be growing and improving.

Today’s summit is about collaboration and being innovative in the ways in which we address safety. We hope these new resources will help all of us—parents, teachers, kids, safety experts, and Facebook itself—work together to create safer environments. We’re excited about these initiatives and the work being done to create a culture of respect on Facebook and across the web.


Interested in the White House summit on bullying? Check out this exclusive Facebook video from President and Mrs. Obama on why they convened it, and be sure to tune in to a special segment of Facebook Live from the White House.