T-Mobile employees automatically become part of CWA?

March 22, 2011 at 7:14am

Interesting discussion during the ATT investor call yesterday


James Ratcliffe: Good morning.  Jim Ratcliffe, Barclays Capital.  I had a couple, if I could.  First of all, you’ve already gotten the announcement – the CWA is in support of the deal.  Going forward assuming it closes, will the TMobile employees automatically become part of the comparable CWA organization, or will this give CWA the opportunity to organize them?  And secondly, with a Deutsche Telekom member on your Board, can you talk about any opportunities this gives you to expand internationally or collaborate in markets where you don’t currently operate in wireless?  Thanks.


Randall Stephenson: Sure.  We have with the CWA a card check neutrality agreement, so if those employees decide they want to be represented by the CWA, then that process is there and it’s the CWA’s responsibility to make that happen.  In fact, you saw that happen with AT&T Wireless deal  – you saw the CWA begin to represent those employees in fairly short order.  So that’s how that process will work out