Intern Spotlight: Cameron Lampkin

April 20, 2011 at 12:08pm

Cameron Lampkin ‘11

Communications Major, Business Management Minor

Legal Intern at Elam & Scott Law Firm and Smyler Law Firm


Internship Responsibilities:

Cameron was into the office by eight, where he sat down with his supervisor, set goals for the day and strove to achieve those goals. He then sent out a memo at the end of the day to all of the attorneys about what he accomplished and still needed to accomplish. He spent the majority of his time working with legal documents. “I did a lot of contract law work which is basically looking at various legal documents and critiquing and editing the content in documents,” Cameron explains.


Other Internship Benefits:

“A lot of times on Tuesday I would go to the criminal justice center—the major criminal courthouse in the city. Thursdays I would go to the Philadelphia bar association and sit in on presentations about how to improve your legal practice.”


What Cameron Learned:

“I expected [my internship] to be very hands on, very guide-based, and very educational and experiential. It not only confirmed [my expectations], but it showed me new ways of furthering my agility to learn. I did a lot of multi-tasking on my own, and I really had the chance to value what you get from learning through self direction. [My supervisors] also really instilled in me the value of networking.” 


Advice for Other Students:

“Seek out an internship early in your career. Internships aren’t optional these days. They’re necessary and separate you from the pack.”