Raising Kids is Tough : Anorexia [a Picky Eater]

August 11, 2011 at 5:49pm

"My daughter is refusing to eat anything but ice cream. After two days of her not eating (since I said no way) I've realized that this is becoming a control battle which leads me to imagine the worst - anorexia - which I know is more about control than it is about eating. Right now I'd rather have a diabetic kid (worst case scenario of eating ice cream all day) than an anorexic kid. I'm letting her eat anything in our house - haven't bought ice cream. She refuses to eat anything I offer but I catch her sneaking food later. I am asking her if she'd like me to make her what we're having for meals just in case and then letting her choose her own foods. Luckily she's been drinking Pedialite Sidekick shakes so she's getting something decent. The rest of the day is crackers and gummies. 


So my question is am I doing the right thing? She has SPD and anxiety - and is quite amazingly willful. The last thing I want is to create a battle over food. HELP!!" -- Melissa


Do you have any suggestions for Melissa?


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