Arriving at OccupyMadison

October 5, 2011 at 11:57pm

Arriving at OccupyMadison

STOP! Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200...! Before you do anything, please make sure you check in at the InfoStation! They will have the best, latest announcements and encampment information for you! Make sure you are acquainted with the following:

  • Legal concerns
    • How to handle being approached by a police officer

    • This is a public park, alcohol and drugs are subject to police involvement just like anywhere else.

  • Bathroom facilities
  • Trash clean-up

  • Scheduled meetings & trainings

  • Noise Ordinances for the Neighborhood
  • The General Park rules (example: no glass containers)
  • Info about Working Groups and volunteering opportunities -- This is YOUR occupation, it's up to you to make it function!

If you ever have questions or concerns, they will likely have answers! If you have neglected to label your supplies and personal belongings, PLEASE make sure you do this at the InfoStation. We do not want your personal items to get lost...!


Occupy Madison will be staffed with various organizers labeled Occupation Hosts (O.H.'s!), who will act as mobile InfoStations. If you need help, flag one down! OHs! are NOT authorities, they are fellow citizen-volunteers, but they will be on hand to help ensure the space remains safe and positive for everyone.


Secondly, make sure you are acquainted with Medical at the Medic Table (next to InfoStation.) Please don't wait until you need something! Make sure you know where supplies and medical assistance are located in case of an emergency. If you have any specific medical conditions/concerns, make sure our medics know about it.


Camp Structure


The majority of our organizational structure is based around the General Assembly model, with Working Groups and Committees tasked with all the various issues that we want or need to take on. Working Groups are completely open to anyone and everyone that wants to work on their project, please seek them out! We need your skills and energy to make this work!


The best place to go to volunteer your efforts is probably going to be to contact person for the Work Group you want to work on. Most proposals for actions will likely come out of Work Groups to the General Assembly, so that's the best place to start.


BUT, if there is an issue that you want to take up but does NOT seem to fit under any of the current Work Groups, maybe we need a new one! Either take your proposal to the group most likely to be related to it, or talk to the GA Facilitation Committee so we can make room for it on the next Agenda.


Current Work Groups are as follows:


GA Facilitation Committee Contact: Heather  email:  

Medical: Contact: Shelley and Dave Pederson  

Occupation Liaison: Contact: Eddy

Food Table: Contact: Brel email:

Literature:  Contact: Dave Pedersen  

Arts and Culture: Dave Pederson  

Legal: Contact: Bill Fetty Email:

Demands Contact: Teddy Shibabaw email: tyimenu2007@gmai; Cindy Lehrer email: Press & Media: Contact: Eddy; Bill email:; Neil email:

Information Station & Occupation Hosts:  Contact: Neil email:

Finance: Contact: Bill Fetty Email:  

Outreach:  Contact: Paul, Kyle, Teddy, Heather


The schedule for General Assemblies has not yet been set, that along with a number of other decisions will have to be determined at the first General Assembly on Friday at our Kick-Off. Our plan in the General Assemblies is to work off of a modified parliamentary structure and decisions will be by consensus or modified-consensus, subject to discussion and the decision of the group once we are set up.