Dog Missing Pet Lost & Found Groups and Fan Pages List

January 16, 2010 at 4:42am

Please Share List to Help Missing Pets to Safety and Found Ones Home to Family.
If you see a missing or found pet post near you please print and help get word out local.
No matter where you are, reposts or crosspost it could be the one to help a pet to safety.
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USA - North America. Please Join:

Dog Missing / Pet Lost & Found Alert Group - USA, North America Main Page. No Boundaries, all posts will be shared and helped best as possible. Our members have exceeded 5,000, so please join Missing Pets USA to get emails on recent missing.

Missing Pets USA (Fan Page) - No Emails, but there are photo folders that may better help. Photo posts with contact info are the easiest way to look thru missing pets when a pet is found. Please post photo of missing or found pets here so they can be added to some search folders.

Missing Pets USA (Group Page) - Get Emails on recent missing or other pet dangers.

Dog Missing Pets Lost & Found on Myspace, please post missing or found in comment section.

Stolen Horse International, Inc. PO Box 1341. Shelby, NC 28151 USA
Horse Theft Recovery, Prevention and Education (704) 484-2165
File Reports at -


EUROPE: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Greece & beyond. Please Join:

Missing Pets Europe (Fan Page) - No Emails, but Fan Pages allow photo folders that may better help. Photo posts with contact info are the easiest way to look thru missing pets when a pet is found. Please post missing or found pets here so they can be added to some search folders.

Missing Pets Europe (Group Page) Emails on recent lost & found

List to Help Pets in Europe -


SOUTH AFRICA: Please Join:

Missing Pets SA (South Africa Group Page) Emails on recent lost & found

List to Help Pets in SA -


NOTES TO HELP, Please Read:

List to Help Missing, Stolen, Lost or Found Pets.

Find Home for a Pet, please post on Social Networking Pages

Where to Report Animal Abuse & List of Cases Nationwide That Need Solved - REWARDS

How to use the FB notes function. Makes it easy for every one to share and keep up to date.

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Just some personal notes:

Working here in hopes to help more pets home safe and searching for better ways of pet recovery. Please Join, they need every ones help far & wide to help get word out. When a pet is lost there are so many dangers humans, traffic, weather, wildlife and so on. Hoping that together we can unite and help more home safe thru networking together.

After our Smiley dog was stolen, realized there is so much help needed in Pet Recovery. There are thousands of places to hire and post even free and yet many pets are never recovered. All the places are all great but it is an overwhelming issue that no one place can solve.

Thru FB, myspace, youtube and other networking sites have met so many wonderful people. Many are helping our animals and ultimately people to have better lives.

Appreciate any help posting missing or found pets. They need all the help they can get.
Please help missing pets & found strays (pets) to find their owner or a new home if not claimed.
Sad reality is that an overwhelming number of strays have been abandoned. Makes it even harder to find missing, with thousands coming thru abandoned. There is limited space so if they focus on the one out of the thousand, many more would die. Many places animals have 3 days to be claimed, adopted, rescued or they are killed. So when we see a dog found (stray) and someone looking for the owner, that animal really needs help. People do their best to help, but many cannot keep the dog and it can end up in a kill shelter. Please share all posts you can to find owner or a new home.

Ultimately families with missing pets want them home safe. We know there is danger out there.
However for me and am sure many others would rather find our missing pet has a new loving home, than to find they have been destroyed. So please remember when a pet that has been found is posted, it usually needs at least a good foster home right now to stay out of a shelter. Going to a shelter usually gives it 3 days life to be either claimed or find a home. But if the shelter is full it could mean it will be killed immediately. There are worse things than that, it could be sold for experiments or ? So hopes are they get a loving foster at least right away.

My pages are open for views or email, but on hold for adding friends nearing limit.
Will be posting pretty much the same thing on both pages, so will be removing duplicates.
doglost florida -
smiley chalfant -

Please if you would like to add DogLost Florida 'End Bsl' and/or Smiley Chalfant 'End Bsl'as a friend Join this Fan Page. We are nearing limit on our personal pages. Fan page we can have more friends and you can post right away. -

Original Page we found many needing help and were posting to help. Some thought the page was just Florida. Sadly when a dog is missing these days it could literally end up in another state in a few hours. No matter if it is stolen or just ran off to play. When a dog runs off to play people may pick it up thinking it was dumped and is a stray. Then it could end up in a shelter any where. The original Page started, helping & learning -

About and for our missing Smiley Dog -

Dog Missing Pet Group is to post All Missing & Found Pets, No Boundaries. Focus is North America, but we have members worldwide. All welcome no matter where you are post and members will do all they can to help. Will be using USA missing pet group to send emails from this main group. Hope everyone joins the main group to help. The more members the better the chances to help pets to safety. Dog Missing / Pet Lost & Found Alert Group please join -

If you are at your group limit and cannot join, please request an invite. Post a Request or email a friend and ask to be invited. Turns out we can join any group we are invited to no limit. Until you get the invite join the Fan Page to help. If there is a missing pet you want to post you can post it on the fan page. Post a note asking members to help by reposting on groups for you.

The Fan Page allows separate folders to help make it easier for people to check to see if a found dog is listed missing or what pets to keep a look out for by state or size. Most lost pets stay in the local area they are lost from. However today a dog missing in one state could be in another in hours. A traveler may think it is a stray or it could be stolen and sold to a traveler. Please join the Fan Page and if posting make sure you post a photo of the missing or found.

*Please if you know or think of anything to help on these subjects please add to the comment section so it can be added when the note is updated. Thank you all.

New Page will have the copy of this note with the latest updates. Link to new copy of this note -