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August 30, 2011 at 11:22pm




Just contemplating the notion of President Barack Obama at the helm of our country for another term in 2012 causes many of us to recoil in horror for a plethora of good reasons. Lacking any formidable leadership in Washington, our weary nation has morphed into a storm-tossed vessel floating aimlessly in a forbidding sea. The man holding the highest elective office in the country has yet to present a cogent plan to revivify our anemic economy, to stimulate job growth, to concretely provide a sound resolution to the exploding national debt, to lower taxes for the middle class, and to restore our status as a glorious beacon of democracy and hope in the international community. Rather than unifying Americans, the president has become the poster boy for polarization; an acrimonious instigator and a catalyst for “change” in a perilous direction. 


Defeating an incumbent, however, will be no easy task as the president remains the darling of the mainstream liberal media who are responsible for electing him to begin with. As he continues to amass a stupendous war chest, it appears that the GOP has yet to select a candidate that can go toe to toe with him on the campaign trail. Retaining the slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives has proven to be a thorn in the president’s eye; a literal bulwark against rubber-stamping legislation that would drive our country under.


On the local level, we have the opportunity to make a difference. To stand up and say “no more.” After Rep. Anthony Weiner (D)—who represented New York’s 9th congressional district—resigned in disgrace after it was revealed that he engaged in a lurid online sex scandal, a special election has been called for September 13. Those wishing to succeed Weiner for his seat are New York State Assemblyman David Weprin (D) and cable executive Bob Turner (R), who ran an impressive campaign against Weiner in the last congressional race. Falling short of a victory, he did succeed in garnering 41% of the vote and established a reputation as a no-nonsense, hard-hitting populist candidate.


Having been endorsed by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who has exhorted those in the 9th Congressional District to cast their vote for a Republican in order to send President Obama a  strong message about his policies vis-à-vis Israel, Turner is gaining momentum as a highly electable candidate in this staunchly Democratic district. At a recent debate at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Weprin was taken to task by conservatives for his vociferous attack on the Tea Party for its impact on the economic debacle. Turner’s position of eliminating redundant and wasteful federal programs, dramatically cutting federal spending and taxes, and allowing small businesses in New York to flourish by removing the morass of federal regulations that have been a virtual albatross around their necks were warmly embraced.


Hot-button issues such as the recently passed Marriage Equality Act in the New York State legislature do not escape voters either. Having voted for the law allowing same-sex couples to marry, Assemblyman Weprin, ostensibly an Orthodox Jew, said ”this is not a religious issue” and, taking the separation of church and state line, likened opposition to the bill to those who would seek to outlaw marriages between interracial couples or Jews and non-Jews. Never acknowledging the fact that moral depravity will have egregious effects on the society as a while, Weprin relegates his purported allegiance to his religious beliefs on the altar of political correctness and dances to the zeitgeist of “tolerance and diversity.” Turner, on the other hand, supports the Clinton-initiated Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as a union of a man and a woman.


While Weprin utters hackneyed platitudes about his support for Israel, he is reluctant to overtly challenge the president who has called for Israel to make more territorial concessions in the name of a false peace than any other administration. Says Turner, “I agree with Israel’s policy of refusing to negotiate with Hamas, which has formed an alliance with Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. I believe that Jerusalem should remain free and recognized as the capital of Israel and I oppose attempts to have the UN recognize a Palestinian state at its upcoming General Assembly meeting in September.”


For New Yorkers in the 9th Congressional District, and for those who have grown restive over the intrusion of the “nanny state” in the affairs of their daily lives, the decision on September 13 couldn’t be clearer. Political change is desperately needed and we, the people, are charged with chartering our own course, of becoming masters of our own fate, and captains of our own ship. Let’s send a bold message to President Obama by electing Bob Turner to Congress and saying “no” to more of the same.