Roll’s Wrapup 4/3/2012: Capcom’s VP Sven Acknowledges The Passion For Legends 3

April 3, 2012 at 8:16pm

Over the past two weeks, 100k leadership has been pressing for an influential Capcom representative to make a public statement on what reaction, if any, that our community will receive when we reach 100,000 members. On this hyperlinked Ask Capcom thread, the following post was made on a daily basis:


“This thread is about a small collective of passionate Mega Man Legends fans that have chosen to treat GetMeOffTheMoon as an unpaid full time job and to become financially invested in promoting awareness. I have made the argument in this thread that if Capcom were to make a statement that confirmed Mega Man Legends 3 is not going to happen in any form no matter what the fans accomplish, the revival efforts could reach a conclusion as the movers and shakers of GetMeOffTheMoon would release a statement and move on to other life pursuits.


Either close the door or throw these people a bone. Please.”


Capcom of America’s Vice President, Christian Svennson, responded by saying:


“I've watched this thread for several days. I'm not sure how to respond to this thread in any way that doesn't get misinterpreted and rebroadcast all across the net. As such, beyond this message with a little /nod to the guys who've displayed such passion and love, I'm not sure there's any 'official' response I or anyone else can give you.”


The key points that can be drawn from this exchange:


1. Christian Svennson, with the option to announce that the fans have nothing to gain in the revival efforts, did not close the door on a Mega Man Legends 3 revival.


2. The broad Mega Man Legends community revival efforts got direct positive acknowledgement from an influential individual within Capcom.


However, keep in mind that at the same time, this is NOT an official encouragement that our efforts will pay off. It is still very possibly that they won't. Yet, that hardly means that we should give up any time soon.