Neo-Devroom Event #1 Poll Opens

April 10, 2012 at 9:34am


As most of you know the first NeoDevroom Event wrapped up its submission period last week with nearly 250 entries, and now the time has come for phase two! Our judges have spent the last week carefully reading and examining each one of your entries and have now compiled a list of the top 10 for you, the public, to vote on! It's obvious the judges had to make some tough calls to bring a list of 250 down to ten, so please read each entry carefully before casting your vote. It's important to remember that this is not an art contest. The art or imagery that some have included only serves to help convey the weapon appearance and use. This can be conveyed equally as well by a skilled writer. So use your imagination and pretend that you're using the weapon in game!


Here's what some of the judges had to say about the contest's success:


Zetta: I originally joined the Devroom on the prospect of there being a weapons contest. After the cancellation I worked hard to ensure that there would be a weapons contest in the dev room. I'm glad to see that so many of you turned out to help make this contest a reality. I had a blast looking at all of the different weapon submissions. It was great to see that so many other fans share the same weapon's ideas as me.


Score: Hey guys, you've heard me praise all your hard work on these entries, but I just want to give another shout out to you for putting so much time and creativity into your weapons. Each of your submissions made this first NeoDev Event what it was, an absolute success! Making this top 10 list was every bit as hard as I thought it would be because there were so many good entries T-T Be on the look out for those honorable mentions! As I was reading through the submissions I kept wanting to stop to play Legends haha! Even more so I wanted to be using some of these weapons in my very own copy of Legends 3... *sigh* We can only dream for now right? Keep up the fight so that it might become a reality!


Dashe: It was great to see so many strong entries! Picking out a top ten was a real test of our Legends series mettle, but I think the ones we selected really reflect what these games are all about. Keep up the amazing work, everyone! Together, we have the power to ensure the Legend lives on!


Rob Man: As a long time MegaMan fan I was always worried about the prospect of a 3D MegaMan. Legends showed me just how amazing a 3D entry in the series could be. When the third game for the series was suddenly cancelled it broke my heart, but the revival efforts has been amazing! Having the opportunity to judge the weapons contest has give me a chance to see the passion that so many fans have for this fantastic series. All of the entries were fantastic, making the job of narrowing it down really hard. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the contest.



This poll will be open for a full week, so you can even feel free to talk with the Devroomies in the forums to help you make your decision. Keep in mind that there will only be one vote per person so make it count! It's about time we got this voting started, so without further ado we now give you the top ten finalists for the very first NeoDevroom Event! Now go Get a Weapon!