Text Your Ex Back Review

December 21, 2011 at 1:02pm

Review of Text Your Ex Back


Plenty of us have been there, and more than most have failed. You have, for the past however long, been involved in a relationship with the girl of your dreams. Everything was going right but, somewhere along the line, she had enough of you and decided to end it.


And now you want to win her back.


The key question, then, is just how to do that. Michael Fiore has an opinion: Text Your Ex Back.


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In his program, “Text Your Ex Back,” Fiore lays down exactly why you should be using your texting skills in order to win your ex back. It makes sense. If you end up going out for an actual dinner date at first, or by having lengthy conversations over the phone, you risk coming off as desperate and actually end up digging yourself a larger hole you have to climb out of.


But not when you text your ex back.


Instead, when you simply send texts to your ex, you don’t come off as desperate. You come off as someone who is moving on with your life, and sure you’re not being rude by not returning her texts, but you get around to them when YOU feel like it. Not when she does. This establishes a little hint in her brain that she might be missing something with you.


More important than that, though, is that texting gives you a chance to make sure you’re entirely happy with the information and message you are sending off to her. If you were in a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting, emotions may get the better of you and you may say something that, while you mean, could hurt your cause in the long run.


But that doesn’t happen when you text your ex back.


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Instead, you get a shot to write and rewrite and edit and think about and eventually finalize what you want to say to her. This is important, getting the time to compose your thoughts just so. Think about the olden days when men on horseback would write letters to their loves and they had much more time to compose and think about what they wanted to say. That’s how texting works today.


So, the question then is, what will Michael Fiore teach you in his program “Text Your Ex Back.” Well, among the skills he will impart to you:


- You will learn what messages to give to them in order to get them to start thinking about you more often. There was an attractive there from day one—you were in a relationship with them, after all—so them thinking about you will get them to continue thinking about the good times you shared.


- How to plant seeds of doubt that will get them thinking that you might not be around if they ever change their mind, making them speed up the process of trying to get back with you.


- Specific examples for what kinds of texts to send them, and what certain types of girls will respond best to.


- And more.


The fact is, texting your ex back is the best way to get her back, and this program is the best lesson for how to use this method to your advantage and winning her back in the end.  Hope you enjoyed my review of Text Your Ex Back


==>Watch the Text Your Ex Back Video