Designing f8 — Part 2 of 5 — Badges & Booklets

May 18, 2010 at 3:30pm

Booklets & Badges

At Facebook our Product Designers are always looking for elegant simple solutions to problems of user experience. As Communication Designers we tried to take a similar approach to the printed materials for f8.

When we were first talking about the booklets and badges we had a bunch of Field Notes journals laying around that our friends at Gowalla had sent over. We immediately thought it would be a good booklet size and thought too it was a good size for a badge. Never wanting to take the easy way out we decided to go for it and make the badge and booklet one piece.

It was a pretty complex production process. First the cover's had to be printed which were 4 color and 1 spot color (metallic silver) on the same French Paper Field Notes uses for their booklets. Then they had to go to the digital printer to print the variable names and Facebook photos of all the attendees. After that the covers were custom die cut, a pocket in the back was hand glued, the RFID f8 Presence tokens were attached. Finally the covers could be saddle stitched with the 32 page 4 color booklet interiors, then drilled for the lanyard hole, and corner rounded.

We also needed a way to customize the badges for press, staff, speakers, and crew so we decided to use different colored stickers and lanyards. We didn't stop there though, we decided to make 5 more stickers for general attendees as well so they could self identify as an engineer, designer, business/marketer, venture capitalist, or student.

Huge thanks to our friends at Oscar Printing Company for helping us produce these and doing an amazing job.

Booklet cover that doubles as attendee badge.Booklet cover that doubles as attendee badge.All 10 badge sticker combinations.All 10 badge sticker combinations.A pile of stickers for attendees to choose from.A pile of stickers for attendees to choose from.Welcome spread.Welcome spread.Schedule overview.Schedule overview.Specific session information.Specific session information.Map of San Francisco.Map of San Francisco.f8 Presence directions and RFID token.f8 Presence directions and RFID token.Conference venue map on the back of the book for easy access.Conference venue map on the back of the book for easy access.We also built a schedule accessible on mobile phones.We also built a schedule accessible on mobile phones.Read Part 1 — Overall Concept & Direction
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