Meet the Final Four for DoMatcha's Grand Matcha Experiment!

September 8, 2010 at 1:33pm

The Grand Matcha Experiment is DoMatcha's two-month journey to see if matcha may benefit competing athletes. Over the coming months we'll be documenting four athletes' performance as they incorporate DōMatcha into their training regimen. Many qualified and talented athletes applied to participate, and after much deliberation we finally selected four diverse and dedicated athletes who are excited to share about their experiences with the matcha lifestyle.


Starting this month, our Final Four will be integrating DoMatcha into their training regimens and competitions. We will be documenting their progress on our Facebook page, so please keep in touch and cheer our finalists along throughout their competitions this fall!


Check out the most recent Final Four Updates here:


Learn about Heather and Geoffrey below, and stay tuned to learn about Joey and Gary in the coming days! 


DoMatcha's Final Four:


Joey Hinton; Triathlon

 Learn about Joey here:


Heather Hopkins; Boxing (see below)


Geoffrey Peat; Long Distance Running (see below)


Terry Goudreau - Snowboard Cross

Learn about Terry here:



Meet Heather Hopkins:


Tell us about your involvement in boxing:

I am a competitive amateur boxer and coach with the Cabbagetown Boxing Club in Toronto. I discovered boxing about 8 years ago by accident. In an effort to get into better shape, I stumbled upon some boxercise classes. This led to a few personal training sessions, learning what "sparring" was, and eventually finding the right gym and team of coaches that got me into the ring to compete.


I have been crowned the Annual Cabbagetown Gym Bum six years running (fingers crossed for seven) which means I pretty much live in the gym. This past January I won the silver medal at the National Championships which makes all the hard work worth it. With less opportunities to fight in Ontario at the amateur level, professional boxing is becoming a consideration.


If not in the gym, I'm out trying to put as many kilometers in the bank for the marathon on September 26. Running has become a great way to keep my competitive edge. My 5K times are getting faster and in my first marathon last year I qualified for Boston with a time of 3:40.  


What do you love about boxing:

I love boxing. The challenges boxing gives you never end, there is always something more to learn. It is my goal to help inspire more girls and women take up boxing.


Why are you excited about the Grand Matcha Experiment?

As an athlete I am always looking for ways to better my performance and give me the energy to learn more and go farther. The proper amount of rest and healthy diet take you only so far. Having tried some supplements on the past, they never seemed quite right, leaving you with the feeling like your moving when your standing still. I am excited to try this tea as it will be a natural supplement with hopefully beneficial results.


When are your next competitions?

Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon - September 26th - Toronto

Oasis Zoo Run 10K - October 16

Provincial Boxing Tournament - October 27-30

National Boxing Tournament - December 7-11


Meet Geoffrey Peat


Tell us about your involvement in long-distance running:

I have been doing competitive sports since Grade 7, participating in almost any sport that does not involve a motor.  I ran triathlons in the 80’s and I have never lost my interest in cycling to this day; however, my main passion is running, especially cross country or trail running.  I ran competitive track and road races in high school and with the University of Saskatchewan team on the prairies. 


After moving to Ontario, I trained and competed on my own for over a decade before finding, close to where I live, a competitive distance running club (the Newmarket Huskies Track Club) that has a very active Masters (over 35 years in age) team.  With this team, I returned to training 5-6 days a week and have enjoyed some great results now that I am little older, but oh so much wiser (on some days!).  I train year round now. My 3 competitive seasons are: fall cross country, winter indoor track, and outdoor track or road racing during spring and summer.  Last fall I began to give back to my sport when I started to coach the Newmarket Huskies’ Minor team (age 11-14 years).


Why do you love running?

There is truly no sport like distance running that one can do anywhere, in any season, and at any age. Such versatility gives me great pleasure!  Running travels with me wherever I go in the world; as well, running takes away my dis-stress and provides a fun way to stay healthy.


Why are you excited about the Grand Matcha Experiment?

As I age, I really see the need to eat well and support my body; eating and drinking nutritionally appropriate foods becomes increasingly important for optimum performance and endurance.   I am keen to add DoMatcha tea to my repertoire of natural foods because its nutritional profile energizes and strengthens me, thereby supporting my running passion.


See the Newmarket Huskies website for my race results and for what keeps me busy as an athlete and as a coach at


When are your next competitions?

September 18: Guelph 2010 Falling Leaves Cross Country Geulph ON

October 3:  Taylor Creek 5K Cross Country 2010 Toronto ON

October 17: Don Farquharson 2010 Harriers X-C  Toronto ON

October 31: Ontario Masters 2010 Sunnybrook 8K Cross Country  Toronto ON

November 14: Ontario Masters 2010 Cross Country Championships  Guelph ON

November 27: Canadian Masters 2010 Cross Country Championships  Guelph ON    

And I may have one other trail race at Albion Hills in October. Then it will be onto the indoor track season in January.