"We Grind'N!" on the RADIO, on TV, Interviews + FREE DOWNLOADS!

November 3, 2010 at 2:38am

 ****************"We Grind'N!" on RADIO!***************



*Incase you didn't know "We Grind'N!" has been played on Power 105.1FM in NYC, IN CANADA on 93.1FM in Ottawa, &on 89.1FM Miami's #1 underground station!


but we need your help to get it on REGULAR ROTATION!



PLEASE CALL 800.585.1051  or TEXT 41051 & REQUEST TO HEAR "We Grind'N!" by L.E.S.G.O. ENT. on 105.1FM


PLEASE CALL (613) 520-2759 or EMAIL info@ckcufm.com & REQUEST TO HEAR "We Grind'N!" by L.E.S.G.O. ENT. on 93.1FM


PLEASE VISIT www.TheStreetsFM.com & REQUEST TO HEAR "We Grind'N!" by L.E.S.G.O. ENT. on 89.1FM






*****************"We Grind'N!" on TV!******************



1st let me thank everyone that voted for the "We Grind'N!" music video to be on the Fuego Latino Show which AIRS ON TELEMUNDO cuz WE WON!  The video will air in a few weeks so stay tuned for more info.



Until then you can watch the "We Grind'N!" Music Video ON DEMAND! That's right "We Grind'N!" is NOW ON Havoc TV!

Havoc currently broadcast in 52+ million homes and performs in the top 96% of all Video On Demand television channels.  To see if your cable operators carry Havoc visit: http://www.havoc.tv/page/cable-vod




That's not all, you can now watch the "We Grind'N!" Music Video on:



Pulse TV Network VME Bump Dat Video Show


*Airs Friday Night from 11 pm-12 am on Las Vegas LVTN Channel 35


*Saturday Nights 1:00-1:30 am on BayArea TV KRON Channel 4 in San Francisco/Bay Area


*Sunday night 12:30-1:00 am on Vegas TV KTUD Channel 25 in Las Vegas



The California Music Channel


*Airs Mon-Fri @ 4pm on:

*Broadcast Comcast digital channel 26

*Cable channel 8

*Charter channel 60

*USA Media channel 16

*The entire San Francisco bay area.



The Bobby T Show:


*Tuesdays @ 1pm Ch#24 People TV Network - Atlanta, GA


*Sat. @ 7pm & Monday @ 11pm on Comcast TV-25 DeKalb County, GA ( Atlanta)


*Sat.& Sun.Nights @ 10pm Charter Cable TV-21, TV-24 & TV-18 Birmingham & North Central AL


*Fridays @ 5pm Bright House Cable TV -4 / Digital 634 Birmingham, AL


*Tuesdays @ 3pm Ch #56 Manhattan Neighborhood TV Network - New York City


*Sundays @ 5pm Time Warner Cable TV Network Ch# 3, 37, 77 & 98 - Los Angeles


*Monday - Friday @ 8pm OTV TV-35 Orange, NJ




The "We Grind'N!" Music Video will also be FEATURED on Style City - Season 4, Episode 13


There are many shows & channels that have already aired the "We Grind'N!" music video & so they're not on this list.


This is a list of shows/channels currently airing the video.






**************"We Grind'N!" DOWNLOADS!**************



"We Grind'N" FREE RINGTONE: http://bit.ly/WeGrindNringtone


"We Grind'N" on ITUNES: http://bit.ly/WeGrindNitunes


Remember, you can watch the "We Grind'N!" Music Video NOW: http://bit.ly/WeGrindNvideo



 **************"We Grind'N!" INTERVIEWS!**************



I told y'all "We Grind'N!" & that includes "K-OTIC" the Producer of the "We Grind'N!" beat!  ADD HIM: http://www.facebook.com/itskotic to find out what other projects he's working on.


Here's what he had to say about the "We Grind'N!" track to 305hiphop.com!



'"We Grind'N" is one of those records where as a producer and as a songwriter, you know it's a guaranteed hit once you hear it. Once I heard the record when it was completed I was on board. The crazy thing about it is that before we officially released the record up in NY & out here in Florida the record was already getting radio play and being spun in the club which I credit from the way we approached marketing the record."


Read the entire interview here: http://305hiphop.com/miami-music-news/k-otic-rapper-producer-miami-gets-ready-release-i-use-want-her




Keep Grind'N!





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