More about Jabtunes - The Google Docs for Music

November 17, 2010 at 2:32am

First off, thank you for the interests and encouragements with my project. My presentation went well, can't say it for everyone who attended, but my supervisor personally told me it was good. :)



To summarize the project in a nutshell, its a web application that allows you to write, edit, save, play music using your web browser (firefox, chrome, safari, etc), and it works even on iPad. It works whether you are online and offline, and synchronizes so you won't lose any data. Its real time and collaborative nature allows you and your friends to edit a document and watch each other work on it at the same time.


real time collabration with a ipad, laptop and netbookreal time collabration with a ipad, laptop and netbook


For more technical bits, I've uploaded the presentation slide deck, and you can view it from 


running on the ipadrunning on the ipad


For simplicity, the name Jabtunes would be used for refer to this project, until I have a better name. The origins for this name is legacy, and another story for another time, but it started with the idea of creating, sharing, collaboration of music for everybody.


So, my music friends this project was also started for you in mind. So while some of can't wait to try it now, but I'm would like to see no serious usability or stability issues first :) For those who are willing to try it out first let me know you're interested (you can just "like" this to indicate) and we will schedule some sessions right soon after NUS exams. (Remember its real-time collaborative, so we would try it in a group and make sure the time is right, and for friends who are overseas).


How would this project work out in the future? And so I've recently learnt from a friend, sharing details of my project means that my invention would be considered "prior art" and might be used against from filing a patent. Well to my law friends, maybe you can explain to me in more details, but I think its not a concern for me right now. Rather I hope such the usefulness of such a product will be a reality and available to us users, whether its developed by me or whether it will bring me money. (its kind of anti-entrepreneurial, but its a pity sometimes composers, inventors, artists die penniless despite their valuable art)


So back to answer who will this project turn out? I do not know, and we'll see (Read the story on horses - ). What do you think? would love to hear your feedback and comments on this! :)


p.s. I have a short video demo to upload, but really I should be studying for my final exams right now!