25 Random Things About Me

January 31, 2009 at 3:53pm

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1: I was born in Salzburg, Austria, left after 6 months.

2: My parents are Polish.

3: My parents wanted to emigrate to Canada but couldn't because I was under 2 years old.

4: I had whooping cough as a baby. There is a saying that to cure it you have to cross over a body of water, in this case the English Channel seemed to do the trick.

5: I really miss not living with my kids.

6: I like Hugo Boss suits.

7: I think of myself as semi-literate.

8: I like to notice irony and believe "ironic design" proves the hand of the supreme being more than "intelligent design." Because there is someone/something paying attention, moment to moment, and trying to mess with us. Intelligent design is more about "set it and forget it."

9: I'm an atheist.

10: I'd like reason and logic to make a comeback, I'd like to see a new enlightenment.

11: I try not to think too much, instead, allow myself the space to think.

12: I keep a pen and a slim moleskine notebook always on hand - it's my hipster PDA - it's instant on, high definition, stylus input, sharable, and 100% recyclable.

13: I prefer offline to online.

14: I've never had a wine cooler and want to keep it that way.

15: I don't know how to small talk.

16: I am afraid of karaoke. I can't carry a tune even if it were super-glued to me.

17: I like thinking on my toes.

18: I like "and" rather than "or." The world is not black or white it is black and white and more.

19: I like to have my cake and eat it.

20: The more I write the more authentic I become.

21: I like Manhattans.

22: I like Manhattan.

23: I like road trips.

24: I'm intensely interested in the future of media.

25: I prefer conversation more than going to the movies.