Dress Code for Women

February 3, 2009 at 4:19pm

Standard of Dress for WOMEN

Hair and clothing styles related to a counterculture (as determined by the Student Conduct Review Committee) are not acceptable. Dresses and skirts should be no shorter than the top of the knee (sitting or standing). Skirt slits should be modest; open slits should be no higher than the top of the knee, closed slits should be no higher than two inches from the top of the knee. Shoulder straps should be no less than two inches wide. Anything tight, scant, backless, see-through, low in the neckline or revealing the midriff (in any position) is immodest and unacceptable. Slips should be worn under thin material. Earrings and plugs are permitted in ears only. No other facial piercing or plugs are allowed, including tongue.

Class Dress
Sweaters, loose-fitting tops, sweatshirts (no inappropriate logos), skirts, dresses, pants, which would include capri/cropped pants and neat jeans (no holes, patches, or tears), footwear (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable).

Class Dress must be worn in academic and administrative buildings before 4:30 pm on weekdays and in all classes, regardless of time.

Casual Dress
Shirts, neat pants, jeans, wind suits, loose-fitting, modest shorts (mid-thigh or longer), shoes (sandals or flip-flops are acceptable).

Casual Dress is acceptable in academic and administrative buildings after 4:30 pm on weekdays and in the Reber/Thomas Dining Hall for all meals.

Swimming Pool
Swimwear is only appropriate at the swimming pool. Students are to wear appropriate casual or sport attire (as stated in The Liberty Way) going to and from the pool. Women are required to wear a one-piece suit that is in good taste. Swimsuits that are see-through/mesh, expose the midriff and/or are low in the front or back or cut high on the legs are not acceptable.